Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones is a very diverse artist, in which she creates from an array of different mediums. Alicia focuses on creating detailed drawings and paintings that start with meticulous line drawings. She describes that her talent for painting and drawing came from her artistic father. She often works from magazine illustrations, photos and other images that excite her, and tends to put her own twist on them. She works on any and all surfaces, including wood panels, large canvases, and any sort of paper. Alicia’s art has taken on a more lifelike quality because of her sophisticated recognition of light and shadow.  She has several bodies of work, including people, flowers, still lifes and landscapes. She combines elements from photographic sources with elements from her imagination in her original and highly compelling works of art.


Alicia Ann Jones is one of the most prolific artists from InsideOut Studio, an initiative of the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  She is always making art! 

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