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Brett Garrett


Brett is a very hard-working and dedicated artist with a natural air of creativity about him. His drawing style is truly distinct, and his portrait style is charismatic and captivating. When Brett draws or paints, he often uses thick, bold lines to design his images. He then diligently uses a wide range of colors to fill in his vivid outlines. He has transformed his unique drawing style into striking works of art in a variety of mediums. Baseball and art history are frequent themes in Brett’s artwork. He also loves helping around the Studio in any way he can. You will often spot him greeting customers, making sales, tidying up the space, and answering phone calls to the Studio. Brett doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to his witty sense of humor. He often leads the studio in doing rounds of applause for staff and friends. Brett is very active in his community and is involved in several different social and sports activities.

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