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David is a very friendly and hardworking artist and is also an InsideOut Studio “original.”  He is almost always laughing and smiling as he works on his artwork. He is most well-known for his “swimmer” drawings. He’s been drawing them over and over for years, and they often look the same way. His line-drawn characters sport swimsuits, goggles, and flippers, and they look absolutely delighted to be in the water. He draws both women and man swimmers and often depicts people he knows personally. His “swimmers” have been reproduced on water bottles, coffee mugs, flowerpots, holiday ornaments, and glass magnets. Despite having his unique, timeless art style, David also loves to try new things. In a day, he often bounces around between a variety of art mediums. Some of David’s hobbies and interests include watching cooking shows, mowing the lawn, and tending to his horse, donkey and barn cats.

David Smyth

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