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Steve Gall_edited.jpg

When Steve arrives at the Studio, he is ready to get to work on his drawings. He immediately gets out a tub of sharpie markers and paper and starts creating. Steve is well known for his whimsical line drawn figures all with unique facial expressions, hair dos, and body shapes. Steve creates a community of people when he draws and often packs so many characters onto one piece of paper, they spill over to the back side of the paper. His unique drawing style has been reproduced onto a variety of items including water bottles, coffee mugs, lanyards, and hand-crafted pottery. He has participated in many art competitions and won many awards for his joyfully engaging artwork. Spider-Man and Batman are some of Steve's favorite superheroes, and he loves incorporating them into his artwork. Steve also enjoys completing commissions when they are available, but he really enjoys his routine drawing endlessly unique and interesting characters on paper. 

Steve Gall

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