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Tracy Miracle

IOS-128 (2).jpg

 Tracy clearly loves working at InsideOut Studio. Most days, he says so himself. As soon as he arrives, he is eager to greet his studiomates, and you can tell he’s happy to spend his day in the Studio. Tracy enjoys working with almost any art medium he can get his hands on. When he’s finished a project, he will round up friends and staff to check out his creations. Frequently, he will give a 3-2-1 countdown to his big reveal making sure to “ooo” and “aaa” along with you.

He particularly enjoys drawing and painting some of his favorite musicians, actors, and pop culture icons. His subjects include Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Tinker Belle, Lady Gaga and many more. Tracy loves to sing along to music while he’s working. On any given day, you could hear him singing a duet or belting out some of his favorite sappy Whitney Houston hits.

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