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Community Installations provide an opportunity for InsideOut artists to beautify the community with inspiring pieces of artwork while earning an income! Their artwork becomes integrated into the public, highlighting their skills and talents. So not only does working on installations help prepare our artists for future employment and gain confidence in their abilities, but it also allows them to earn an income. It also provides an opportunity for employees or individuals from the installation location to partake in the artwork, giving them a chance to work alongside individuals with disabilities, increasing their understanding of the developmental disability community. 

Ross Twp. Fire Dept. Mural 1.JPG

Sonny Spot Too

InsideOut Studio's installation at Sonny Spot Too was funded by the Ohio Arts Council's ArtsRISE program in 2023. This award financially supported a project where our artists with disabilities created an installation at another provider organization in which they got to instruct other individuals with disabilities how to create art! 

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